Who Are You?

The journey of life starts with the consciousness of your personality.
Ability to identify your personality.
For example when you attend an interview and a question is being asked thus:
“Can we know you’’

You would begin to talk about your biography, you would tell the interviewers your name, educational background, personal qualities and all the rest before talking about the part of you that is needed in line with the type of interview you are attending.

We would be considering the personality behind the physical you that everyone knows.
We have so many individuals whose real personality is hidden to them because there is no divine connection with their spirit being.

When there is no connection between you and your spirit, there is no personality in place.
This situation is likened to an individual who is being directed by situations without responding to his instincts and having the power to identify what his personality connotes.
In the journey of life, if you do not know yourself as regards your worth and value, it would be difficult and almost impossible to realize there is need for you to live and not just exist, thrive and not just survive.

Until the purpose of a thing is known, it’s abuse is inevitable. If you don’t know where you are going, everywhere will look like it. If you don’t know who you are, the world will mold you into who you are not.
People exist and not live majorly as a result of the inability to identify who they are.
This life is a journey because everyone is on an individual trip to the achievement of his or her destiny.
It takes more than knowing your name, your earthly custodians, and your state of origin, house, and church to properly describe and ascertain who you are.

It takes more than all these to align our lives with God’s purpose.
We have so many great personalities in the spirit realm who have been reduced to nothing in the physical.

A quick one, this would be considered from the period of consciousness, if at the beginning of your journey, you do not know who you are, it is accepted.
It is grievous not to know your worth after consciousness in the journey of life.
What do you think about yourself each time you look at yourself?
Why do you think you were created?
Are you doing what you were made for or what was made for you?
Are you seeing someone that could accept everything and anything from anyone?
Do you imagine yourself on a great seat?
What do you want for your life?
What do you think about your existence?
What do you think is the best for you?
What do you like about yourself?
Where do you see yourself later in life?
What do you want people to think, when they cross your part?
Do you leave any lasting impression when you meet with people?
Is there anything special about you?
Are you the type that always wish you were someone else?

These questions are endless because it is a starting point of whatever you would become in the journey of life.
The ability to answer these questions correctly would make you know where you belong in this journey.
The second part is this?

You know who you are, what you are worth and what you can do but situations, challenges, problems, circumstances, issues of life, disobedience and much more have successfully made some very great personalities to be reduced to nothing.

The third part is concerned about the ones who do not have anything special about themselves, yet they strive to make sure they become somebody.

These set of people make themselves work in progress and are hell-bent on doing everything possible to become somebody in the journey.

That is why you see some individuals from very poor homes, yet make up their minds that their parent’s personality would never define them and that their background would never be allowed to pull their back to the ground.

It is an obvious fact that not everyone would get to certain heights in life but we can connect and make ourselves work in progress, also be outstanding, in whatever we have made up our minds to be and a personality to be reckoned with, through the help of God.

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