Who Are You? Part 2

Have these at the back of your mind.

1. Anyone who tells you that everything would be sweet and never going to be rough is lying to you, so it is under your control not to allow those situations affect your personality. It is the destiny of every human for their road to be rough. Into every life, some rain must fall.
2. Despite challenges, some individuals have been able to identify with their God-given personality.

3. Who you are is an answer to the question of tapping into the right anointing in the journey of life.
4. Who you are, or your personality can be reduced as a result of disobedience to supposedly harsh instructions from GOD.
5. It is pertinent to be awakened spiritually for the reflection of a true personality.
6. It is important to have a functional spirituality which is a reflection of your true personality in the physical.

The truth about who you are in the journey
You have to realize that the functionality of your physical is the activation of your spirituality.
You would obey and feed your spirit rightly for the real you to emerge, not the substandard, underprivileged you, that has been existing for decades due to prevailing human circumstances.
Do not get confused, because you feel we have certain people whose spirituality have been long activated, yet there is no result.

What you see and term as spiritual activation most times are show-off, working for God, not working with God and the exhibitionist display of the works of the flesh in the purported service of God, the activation are in stages and are most times misinterpreted, the question is this “How do you even know that what you see is what the situation is?” We judge quickly without knowing who God is really using. There are too many hypocrites in this journey.

It is a personal race, do not compare, do not live in other people’s shell, settle your own case and have your own connection, activate your spirit being and think about yourself first. We are all individually created with different missions in life, don’t judge another’s end with your own beginning.
I know at this time, some would be saying, we have those whose spirituality are not activated, yet they are connected physically.

This is still part of what I mentioned earlier, who made you the judge to know if their spirituality is activated or not.

I would still advise to make this race a personal one but in case you need answer to why some are favoured and some are not, it has been written that I would have mercy on whom I will have mercy. Bad things also happen to good people to prevent worse things from happening to them.
Some of these people have more to be utilized while some are not operating in the right altitude due to inactivation of their spirituality.

We have too many questions about other people’s personality and ignore our own personality.
The day you realize it is a personal journey and stop comparing, you would be able to work on being who God has destined you to be in the journey of life.
Think, think and think for yourself. You are in competition with no one, but you.
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