Self Confidence

My own point of accessing this topic is from acceptability issue, there are some things you can change, while there are so many other things you cannot change.

It could also be defined as the process of taking ownership of your being, having realized the power to either be able to change or accept it the way it is.
Taking ownership.
What is confidence?
Confidence can be defined as the feeling that one could have faith in, or rely on someone or something.
So the question is this,
Can you rely on yourself?
Do you have faith in yourself?
Self-confidence could be generally described as a state of being certain that you are the best despite all odds. If you don’t believe in you, how can I believe in you? The first step to building faith in your product and having people believe in you is self-confidence: believing in yourself.
Are you bold or certain about your personality?
Self-confidence is simply put, the assurance you have in yourself, accepting and walking tall in the Being you are seeing.
The mindset of ‘’I can do so many things”, the assurance you have in yourself is self-confidence.
How can you be confident again?
How do you boost your self-confidence?

It is a case of living in a house throughout your whole life, being born there and doing everything practically there but you do not own the title.
It is pertinent for you not to lose your self-confidence, because if you do, your journey would be incomplete.
It is like a force that has to be reckoned with for a smooth ride in your journey.
Having faith in one own’s judgment and ability, etc.
It’s your power to activate and sell your capacity to others for a fee.

When you are not sure of yourself, there would be
1. low self esteem
2. You would be easily controlled by people around you.
3. You would not have a say.
4. You would lack belief in a glorious future.
5. You would be a prey to challenges in life.
6. You would be incapable of showcasing your talent, personality and product to the world effectively.
Let’s quickly look at some of the possible causes of lack of self-confidence.
1. Your anti-social upbringing
2. Your settings or locality of birth and growth.
3. Your unfit or small stature, body structure, physique, etc
4. Your poor educational background.
5. Your lowly family background.
6. Your childhood experiences. (Being a victim of rape or sexual violence has the capacity to reduce you.)
7. Your past experiences of failure.
8. Your inborn character like negative attitude or malice.
9. Parental and societal stereotypes and pressure.
10. Poverty. Wealth enhances self-confidence.

If a man loses his self-confidence, he is completely finished as he will go through life an unsure, misfit, low self-esteemed stunted being.

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