Self Confidence Part 5

Your childhood (victim of rape, violence)
It is easy to say you are sure of yourself and know your self- worth, if you have not gone through some challenges that are psychological in nature. Many are mad, few are roaming. Past experiences of rape and sexual abuse can deprive the victim of personal confidence and lead to post-rape trauma and depression.
Some have gone through emotional trauma and they are being disturbed in life.

Some are victims of rape, molestation and domestic violence, these cases have determined their destinies.
It is always sad, when the victim is unable to express his/her situation due to fear of shame, thus encouraging the culture of silence prevalent in our society.

Self-confidence has become the issue with some people as a result of the trauma they went through in the hands of their parents, custodians, neighbours, uncles, aunties, maids and other relatives.
It is a case of the devil manipulating these individuals to treat these victims in such a way that their future is shattered.

It is disheartening to hear cases where some parents maltreat their children, this is frequent with frustrated parents, foster parents and when such children grow up, move to a new environment, they are usually deprived of their confidence when they leave those environments.

They live their lives in fear, they die each time they sight a figure that looks like their captors and live in permanent fear.

They die and wake every minute of their lives with the consciousness of being victims for the rest of their lives.
They would have to go through the process of psychological evaluation to come back to life and brace for life’s challenges.

Another major challenge is that most times, it is always difficult to come to the open and talk about their experience. Victim-shaming is rampant in our society.

The Healing starts when they come out in the open and accept that it is a major challenge but their life should not depend on it.

It is also a major issue, when it is the most trusted relative and the victims are seen as liars, this is double tragedy and kills more than death.

This program is such that would help victims go through the process of healing and be able to stand stall despite their past emotional trauma.
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