Self-Confidence Part 3

Your stature, body build, physique, complexion, height, etc, this is another self-confidence booster.
It is like the ego that one derives from the admiration of one’s physical features. It is like sense of self, and this is most times connected to the way we see ourselves before other factors follow. If you believe in the beauty of your appearance and body make up, you are more likely to be more self-confident.

God created us and attest to it that everything he created is beautiful, however, there are some body shapes that are lovelier than the rest, we have some physique and skin colours that are tagged as the excellent work of God. Such people with those attractive body features tend to be more confident.
Some are naturally endowed with right structures in the right places, some however go through surgery to enhance their beauty.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but there is this self-confidence you have, like an assurance, when you realize that you have the perfect figure, attractive skin colour, great physique and unique body features. This goes a long way in boosting our self-esteem.

However, some people do not have very good stature, but they carry themselves so well that you would look at them twice and keep wondering if they are trying to carry themselves well in order to cover up their inadequacies.
There are yet some, with very fine stature, with not too attractive faces, while some would have lovely faces with no shape.

In some cases, everything would be in place, but there would be lack of carriage, simply put, the way of moving your body and carrying yourself with comportment, elegant poise and composure.
I remembered when I was much younger ,like age 14years old, one of my uncles that was staying with us said to me: “Bukola, you walk like a man”.

I looked at him and I did not even know what to say, but he had a little solution in his own way and let me just share it here.
Regardless of how you want to carry yourself, always allow the first leg to land on the ground before you lift the other one. This simply means you do not have to be running indirectly, while you think you are walking. Take your steps methodically.
You would be able to do so many things, to enhance every part of your body, but your height is a part that you can hardly do anything about, except for high heels if you feel you are too short.
If you feel you are too tall, what happens?

When I was growing up, I was usually referred to as ‘’Too tall”. This was because I was slim and your height is evident when you do not have sufficient flesh on your body, at that point I would take various multivitamins to add a little flesh. I forgot the fact that I was unique in my own way.
There was a part of me that was never discouraged because at least I had people that admired me the way I was.
At that point, I knew I liked high heels but could not wear them because of the fear of what people would say and begin to call me names.

I can tell you categorically that I wear my heels without considering what anyone would say today, I have always loved them despite my height, thanks to God I have added a little flesh and not as skinny I was before, I wear them elegantly now.

The real issue here is contentment because there would never be a perfect body or physique you want, if you do not have the financial capability to alter it, you would feel unfulfilled to no avail. No matter how short, tall, fair, dark or plump you are, someone will love you like that. You were created with a partner in mind. You meet all his or her specification and requirements.

The stature you do not like, is what another person is dying to have and vice versa.
When you are not satisfied with your own looks, you would always wish for another’s body and your self-esteem reduces in the quest to even up.

Some would change their complexion by bleaching their skin, alter their body and their figures, wear different body shapers and even take drugs to put some part of their body in the right places.
Some very short people would wear very high heels so they could walk tall and elegantly.
Some would complain of being very small, while some would say they are too big.
There must be something that you would wish and when you see people with such attributes, directly or indirectly, it affects your self-confidence.

When your much endowed mates are appreciated, you feel withdrawn, let down, unworthy and feel bad.
Some have very flat buttocks, flat chest, flabby nose, the list is endless and somehow their self-confidence is eroded.

Some parents have been able to identify ways of healthy living and as a result are able to live a healthy life.
The major reason you want to shed weight should be based on health issues and not because you feel uncomfortable with the way God created you.

The simple truth is this-
Why stress yourself over the part you cannot influence, you can do everything in a bid to enhance your self-confidence but if they cannot be enhanced, what would you do?

For every individual, there would always be something that some people would like about you, because you are God’s creation, it is in your interest to identify that part and turn it to strength, this would give you power over that part that is seen as not too okay. Celebrate your strength and work on your weaknesses.
I remembered I was in a relationship in my university days, my campus friend requested I stopped wearing short skirts (Knee Length), he prefers that I rather wear three quarter length.
According to him, I had thin legs and they were not sexy.

He told me in good faith and I am so sure, he did not think of what this would do to my self-confidence.
He loves me, but does not want me to be seen as not sexy probably by his friends, I was not wearing trouser at this stage of my life, so what do you expect would happen?

It was a moment of my life where I realized that regardless of how pretty you are, there would be the imperfect part. Perfection of the body was just a mirage and an unrealistic ideal.
God’s creation is sweet and that should be our watchword regardless of how people see us.
Let us live to appreciate how we were created and you might need to fill our form online to participate in our self-confidence reformation training. (This is equally free of charge).

Work on your self-confidence, almost everything depends on it and realise that you are amazing just the way you are. You can be confident again. Will you? Whether you are truly confident or you act confident, the good thing is that your audience cannot tell the difference.
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