The Journey by Abraham Ayo-Bukola Elizabeth


Your personality is a functionality of your spirituality manifesting in the physical as a reality



“The Journey”. The story of how challenges of life re-aligned me to purpose.

How do you see life? Are you working according to your purpose? Does your plan align with God’s will?

Do you listen to little signals whenever you are going astray?

Are you sufficiently equipped to travel safe in this Journey of Life?

This book is an inspirational documentation of my life experience from cradle to adulthood.

It is the classic tale of an Art’s student who could have easily become a notable media personality, but had to switch lanes and changed career route due to a number of life’s vicissitudes including the unruly behavior of her notorious set in High School.

It is the story of the very sickly girl who died more than she lived while growing up…

She ended up in a profession she feels is not for her, that moved her from perpetual career stagnation to outright demotion.

It is the story of experiencing God’s blessings despite career stagnation.

Neglected several revelations shown to her in dreams and ignored numerous warnings to prevent her from plunging into imminent loss and burdening debt…

Learn the proper elements of success and how to overcome various Challenges of life…

Understanding the proper meaning and purpose of challenges and how my Challenges re-aligned me to my divine purpose…

How to handle challenges in life, marriage and career and how I handled mine.

Exploring my relationships and my shared views on relationship management…

The story that teaches mankind not to be judgmental because we do not know what other people are passing through…
The various battles I fought, attacks, connection and delivery…

Was I confident to start all over again? Learn secrets of beginning again…

Do I look like my challenges? Do we truly look like what we have been through?

Discover how inspirational Gospel songs were released and delivered to me.

The book is simply loaded.

Can you help God when you have already involved him?

There is so Much more. You will learn more than just a lesson.

Are you interested in knowing more about my journey? Watch out.


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