Marriage Vol2 by Abraham Ayo-Bukola Elizabeth


A systemic Guide to Understanding the institution and making the right choice.


The Book ‘Marriage’ Volume One is a systemic Guide to Understanding the institution of Marriage and making the right choice. It sets out to provide practical insights into proffering valid answers to vital Questions surrounding Marriage and giving a retinue of exposition about people, love, relationships and faith.

It attempts a historical and contextual definition of marriage as a heterosexual union between a man and a woman as envisaged by God, the inventor of mankind and a theorising of other perspectives to marriage. It sets out the reasons a Christian Marriage is often characteristically different and reiterates the often overlooked but very important Notes on the internal workings of Marriage.

It provides the unacceptable and acceptable reasons for Marriage and posits the ground base why anyone might want to get married.

It conceptualizes Marriage as a serious Business stemming out from a synergistic liaison of two agreeing partners of destiny as a covenant relationship rather than a contractual convenient relationship susceptible to unenduring changes at will. It lists out the valid Parties to any given Marriage in communal cities of Africa and brings to the fore the common enemies of marriage like ego, pride, selfishness, intolerance, lovelessness, boredom, infidelity, carelessness, impatience, poverty, anger, et al.

It sets out the necessary requirements before taking the Bold Step of marriage, issues surrounding spiritual compatibility, genotype compatibility, conducting due diligence and Background checks on the ones we desire to marry, the rules and regulations regarding dating including the need to pay particular attention to character whilst dating or in courtship, pre-marital counselling, courtship in Christiandom, the issues of financial capability and viability in marriage, devolution of power and responsibilities in marriage, obtaining Parental consent in marriage, recognising and accepting God’s choice and will and balancing same with man’s wish, situating general relationship capability within the contexts of marriage, examining the relevance of Dowry/Bride price in traditional marriages and exploring the significance of wedding celebration.

It critically examines valid essentials in Marriage- love, romance, intimacy, sacrifice, self-discipline, tolerance, trust, communication, commitment, sincerity, consistency, reliability, et al. It provides a practical template for choosing rightly, sets out the trappings of right and wrong choices in marriage, considers whether or not marriage is tantamount to bondage, the essence of having a hardworking and purposeful marital partner, possessing a caring attitude, having similar interests as a couple and recognising love as a rational basis for any marital union.

It answers the questions whether or not one is falling in love with the wrong person, how to end an unhealthy relationship, postulates on the Law of Love as marital ethics, whilst unveiling other secrets of marriage, whether marriages are made in Heaven or not, explores the fortunate and unfortunate circumstances that might affect marriage..

It concludes by alluding to the luck required to sustain marriage, the place of God and divinity in marriage, valuable tips for having a successful marriage, Typical marriages of today, how to live peaceably with problematic in-laws, coping with childless and sexless marriages, infidelity in marriages, marital rape, domestic violence, financial transparency and accountability ,It explores how partners can handle their Ex-lovers and their best friends without affecting their marriages, understanding their marital partners, resolving the issues of keeping privacy in marriage and This book is a must read for anyone genuinely interested in that sacred institution called Marriage.


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