Personal Limitations

Personal limitations are those self-inflicted barrier factors that limit an individual from being who they would have ordinarily been.
What is personal, it is derived from the word ‘person’ and connotes individual action.
It means we are looking at individual limitations, those factors that are internal, self-inflicted limitations.

What is limitation?
What do we refer to as limitation?
Limitation can be defined as restrictive weaknesses that debar and prevent a person from advancing towards success in the journey of life.

They include, but are not limited to:
1. Lack of capacity.
2. Personal deprivation and core inability.
3. A limiting condition.
4. Something that holds you back.
5. Conditions that make you unable to achieve a certain goal.

There are so many factors that limit individuals in the journey of life, we have social, economic, financial, but we are limiting ourselves to the ones that are personal in this edition.
These personal limitations are the restrictions based on your own grounds.
Some individuals are the ones limiting themselves in this journey.
How do I mean?

• It is easy for us to say we have limitations when we are not on the right course (Biodun’s Case, a bank official in Nigeria, yet travelled to the Republic of Ireland to pursue his career in his course of study- Cancer Biogenetics and Biochemistry).

• It is easy to say we have limitations, when we are even blind to see things rightly and correctly, but we must understand that only us can stop us. If you are seeing a side of a situation and do not allow yourself to see the whole situation, you would be limited. (He foresaw how the Nigerian commercial banks and Nigeria would be in the nearest future and did not allow the salary at that time to blindfold him for the pursuit of his Masters in Research in Cancer). There is no such thing as a limiting circumstance, simply step out of the circle.

It is God that gives us what we have but he would not teach us how to use them (my voice for singing, taken and came back).

• We allow limitation because we are too scared to try after failing once (the founder of Virgin Atlantic as an example). Success is the heritage of those who failed and tried again. We will succeed if only we don’t quit.
• Scared of failing.
• We get tired too quickly.
• We are not persistent enough. If we want success badly enough, we will get it.
• We are not dogged and strong-willed enough to pursue our passion.
• We are not focused.
• We are not determined.
• We are too lazy.

The truth is this:
The Journey of life needs a firm, strong, tough, committed, determined and hard stance from the struggling personalities.

So many are just too weak that they give up before the battle of life begins.
So many people are scared of what people would say and they mind other people’s business too much that they forget theirs.

So many do not want to face the reality about their laziness in the journey.
We have different factors that we allow to influence us, such as the circle of friends we keep. It must be noted that if you keep nine failures as close friends, you will be the tenth.
We do not have minds (our own grounds) of our own.
We encourage wrong guidance.
We are not bold.
We are not brave.
We compare too much.
We live like we are in a competition with others.
We are on the fast lane, we want it without accepting progress.
Your desired height would influence how thick you should be in the journey.
We expect too much from people, I have gotten to a stage in my life that I do not expect any special favour especially when it is monetary, this does not rule out the acceptance of cash given to me by people, but I never rely and expect same.

I have come to accept that my God-given talent is the best approach to be helped in this journey. Money is not a gift, it is the reward of those who think and solve problems.
When you rely and allow yourself to be limited due to the hope you have in people’s assistance, then you would be fooling yourself. In this life, you either apply your talent to solve problems and make money or you beg, no third option.

Most times, it is easy for us to have so many plans without any monetary power to take the plan to the next level.

The main thing here is for you to start saving, try your best, have a plan of action, think out a solution to people’s problems, find a need and meet it, invite God to bless the work of your hands and before you know it, it becomes a reality.

We can make it if we think, work and do.

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