Spiritual Awakening

What do we understand by the word ‘Spiritual’?
This can be seen in different contexts
Such as mystical, divine, unworldly, psychic, nonphysical, et al.
The usage would depend largely on what you are trying to achieve, but I would be talking in this context about the non-physical.

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Who Are You? Part 2

Have these at the back of your mind.

1. Anyone who tells you that everything would be sweet and never going to be rough is lying to you, so it is under your control not to allow those situations affect your personality. It is the destiny of every human for their road to be rough. Into every life, some rain must fall.
2. Despite challenges, some individuals have been able to identify with their God-given personality.

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Who Are You?

The journey of life starts with the consciousness of your personality.
Ability to identify your personality.
For example when you attend an interview and a question is being asked thus:
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