Self Confidence

My own point of accessing this topic is from acceptability issue, there are some things you can change, while there are so many other things you cannot change.

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Self-Confidence Part 2

Your upbringing:
This could simply mean the treatment and instruction received by a child from his or her parents throughout its childhood.

This is bringing up, rearing, raising, fostering and nurturing a child from infancy to maturity and it is a major part of every existence, and you get shaped for tomorrow and the future.

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Self-Confidence Part 3

Your stature, body build, physique, complexion, height, etc, this is another self-confidence booster.
It is like the ego that one derives from the admiration of one’s physical features. It is like sense of self, and this is most times connected to the way we see ourselves before other factors follow. If you believe in the beauty of your appearance and body make up, you are more likely to be more self-confident.

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Self Confidence Part 4

Your educational background and family background
This is another important part of the self-confidence Booster.

It is very good to have an idea of what our children are going through at the early stage of their lives, some children are molested and bullied by their peers and thus lose their self-confidence at this stage.

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Self Confidence Part 5

Your childhood (victim of rape, violence)
It is easy to say you are sure of yourself and know your self- worth, if you have not gone through some challenges that are psychological in nature. Many are mad, few are roaming. Past experiences of rape and sexual abuse can deprive the victim of personal confidence and lead to post-rape trauma and depression.
Some have gone through emotional trauma and they are being disturbed in life.

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Personal Limitations

Personal limitations are those self-inflicted barrier factors that limit an individual from being who they would have ordinarily been.
What is personal, it is derived from the word ‘person’ and connotes individual action.
It means we are looking at individual limitations, those factors that are internal, self-inflicted limitations.

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