All About Bethylovers Corner

Who is Ayo-Bukola Elizabeth Abraham

Ayo Bukola Elizabeth Abraham is
-An inspirational writer.
-An inspirational speaker.
-A Motivational speaker and a prolific writer.
-A Gospel and a Soul musician.

-A Life coach
-A marriage counsellor
-A consultant.

I am a wife, mother daughter and precious daughter of Jesus Christ.
I am from Ekiti State by Birth and Lagos State by marriage.
I am the first child from a family of four.

What is the Meaning of Bethyloverscorner?

Bethy is from my third Name, Elizabeth.
Lover is for the word Love.
Love should be the genesis and basis of every human existence.
Love symbolises giving and sacrificing.
I am using it in this context, because you have to love me in order to sacrifice your time to listen and be a part of this programme.
Love could mean me targeting my audience as my supporters and fans.
You need to love me to be able to make use of whatever you would hear on this programme.
Love is the centrepiece of all positive action.
It symbolises the arena of relationships upon which the slated program is anchored.

Corner: this means the angle in which I would be operating from.
It is like creating my own position and functioning from my arena of impact.
My junction: simply put as my space.

Why did you tag it keeping it real?
I want everything about this programme to be based on reality in the journey of life.
I would be bringing personal and true life experiences, because of the saying, experience is the best teacher.
The truth about our existence.
I want authenticity.
I want realness.
I want legitimacy and above all, this programme would be about valid issues of life.

What gave birth to keeping it real @Bethyloverscorner
1. A personal experience of being challenged into purpose.
2. Self-awakening after being on a wrong lane for so long in the journey of life.
3. The menace and risk of coping, adapting, managing, surviving instead of thriving in life.
4. Realisation of unutilised talents in this journey.
5. I wanted my audience to understand that every existence is based on functional spirituality.
6. Changing the mind-set of having to be born with a silver spoon before prospering in this journey.
7. Identifying and aligning with God’s purpose for our lives.
8. Understanding that limitations and setbacks should not be the yard stick of copying in this journey.
9. Rebirth as another tool of achieving great heights in this journey.
10. To open our eyes to the reality of life.
11. To inspire my audience to become an employer and not an employee.
12. Above all, appreciate progress and deal with impatience in the journey of life.

Who is your role model?
Oprah Winfrey
She is versatile
It should not sound odd,
I have come to realise that I have wasted so much time and cannot be anything less.
I love her with passion and she is so many things.
She is an embodiment of greatness.
I would love to be much more someday.

What type of inspirations are we expecting from Bethyloverscorner
1. Spiritual awakening.
2. Psychological development.
3. Eradication of Personal limitation.
4. Self-confidence reformation.
5. Overcoming your Fear.
6. Encouraging you to start over.
7. Empowering the young generation through free skill acquisition.
8. Sharing Personal experiences to help allay the fear of starting over.
9. Changing the notion of ‘You have to be born with a silver spoon to be great in life.’
Do you have any intended outlined programmes?

1. Youth Empowerment Programme.
2. Charity Organisation.
3. Skill acquisition programme.
4. Reality talk show.
5. Sharing Entrepreneurial tips with my audience.
6. Partnership with Corporate bodies to help them harness their corporate objectives.
7. Strategizing on getting Sponsorship schemes for the vocational training of the youth.
8. vlogging and blogging
9. Providing a media and support outreach to the less privileged.
10. Outreach to the less privileged.
11. Advocate against women abuse and Domestic violence

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